Today, there is no clear way for producers to find a match between our creative audiovisual projects and potential buyers, companies or Screens.

Isn’t it frustrating that the content market is no longer structured and predictable as it used to be just a few years ago?

We are a team of experienced producers, directors and scriptwriters, and we’ve also been there.

That’s why we created LoveForContent


  • Match with global industry players
  • Discover new formats and industry needs
  • Lower costs in promoting new contents
  • Get to show what the content’s worth and get Feedback



"EVERYTHING CHANGED! Air TV changed. Pay TV changed. Movies changed. Advertising changed.

The way of dealing contents is still the same. And it’s analogical. The only way in which audiovisual industry considers data is ratings. A Content Marketplace is definitely the tool that was missing in this new audiovisual business model."

Fernando Collazo - CEO - LoveForContent


"The market seeks what audiences are actually already watching. Lots of narcos series and biopics. What about new ideas? What about real creativity? What about other contents, non-orientated to industry, like those with social impact? There was no space for them, until LoveForContent came."

Helen Roca - Directora - Nativa


"Young creators seem lost, looking for the professional entrance door. They don’t find where to match their creative projects with potential buyers. The big industry doesn’t even acknowledge this problem. Mainstream focus only on big audiences and big producer companies. LoveForContent may be a great support for our young generations."

Nicolas Beaumont - La Chispa Films